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Not Steven Strait. He is his own person, and I do not own him. Warren Peace belongs to Disney, and is a product of the movie Sky High. Mun and Muse are of legal age, and consent. 18+

Warren Peace (a pun on the novel War and Peace), the son of an unnamed superheroine and a supervillain known as Barron Battle, a homophone off barren battle (who in jail with four life sentences). He is pyrokinetic, meaning he can control and manipulate fire.

Warren Peace is a major character in Sky High, and Will Stronghold's former "arch-nemesis". He is a very feared student in the school, mostly because his father was a supervillain named Baron Battle, and his mother was a superhero with an unknown name. Since Will's arrival, Warren followed him closely to avenge his father's arrest by The Commander's (Will's father) hands.
Role in the film
Warren is already a feared student when the film begins. He continuously gives Will cold looks before bursting out on him by accidentally throwing a tray of food on him. Their fight causes Will to tap into his previously dormant power of super-strength and a battle ensues in the cafeteria, almost destroying it. They were both thrown to detention, where their powers are neutralized.
Ethan and Zach accept Lash and Speed's challenge in Save the Citizen in Will's place, and Warren is forced to partner with Will. Though they win the tournament, his hostility towards Will continues. That night, he meets Layla at the Paper Lantern where he works as a part-timer, and the two begin to form a friendship. Despite him being Will's enemy, he advices her to confess her romantic feelings to him and ask him to homecoming. When that fails, she asks him to be her date at homecoming to make Will jealous. He reluctantly agrees, but refuses to rent a tux. Afterwards, Layla, Ethan, Zach, and Magenta begin to hang out with him at school, much to his dismay.

On the night before the dance, he runs into Will at the Paper Lantern and tells him about Layla's true feelings, though he also takes delight in teasing him for being a jerk. At homecoming, he uses his father's tux and meets Layla. When Gwen reveals herself as Royal Pain and turns nearly everyone at the party into babies, Warren opens an escape in the vent for himself and the other four. He later fights Speed, who uses super-speed to evade his attacks. With Ethan's help, he manages to send Speed into the wall with his fireball. After everyone is saved, he is seen being courted by a girl who controls ice. In the ending sequence, Will comments that Warren becomes his best friend and a part of their own superhero team.

Warren is one of the more complex people in the film, He can speak Chinese, with no rxplanation where he picked it up. He helped other students escape the Homecoming Ball when Royal Pain revealed herself, showing that he was concerned for the other students' welfare.

Warren has the power to create and manipulate fire, primarily with his hands, and throws them out like fireballs. While the flames burn, his clothes are unharmed. He can also control heat sufficiently so that he scorched Lash's aems when Lash wrapped his aerms around Warren to imprison him in the Save The Citizen activity.
Feature films Sky High (2005)
Portrayed by Steven Strait
Inspiration High school anti-social students. His name is a pun on the "War and Peace" novel.
Character information
Other names Hothead
Personality Dark, fiery and lonely, but kind, calm and friendly.
Appearance Tall teenager with a leather jacket and black hair
Occupation Student
Affiliations Sky High
Goal To be left alone (formerly).
To make friends and stop Royal Pain.
Allies Will Stronghold (best friend), Layla Williams (former crush), Ethan, Zach Braun, Ron Wilson.
Enemies Will Stronghold (formerly), Royal Pain, Speed, Lash, Penny.
Likes Being left alone, doing the right thing.
Dislikes Losing, giving advice all the time, his father's past
Powers and abilities Pyrokinesis (control over fire).
Fate Becomes Will's best friend
Quote "I say if you ever cross me again, I'll roast you alive."
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